About Solvent Waste Management

Since 1994, Solvent Waste Management, Inc. has assisted many companies in a variety of different industries not only improve their operations but also reduce costs as follows:

Solvent Waste Management Inc. designs and manufactures solvent distillation equipment that cleans contaminated solvents, allowing users to restore and continuously reuse solvents – thereby saving money on the cost of disposal and the cost of new solvent.

Solvent Waste Mgt and men Inc. was founded in 1994 by Mr. Bill Palamountain. Bill‘s vision was a safe, reliable and easy to use solvent distillation machine. This machine would be a true cost saver for industrial solvent use customers. Solvent Washer users would be making a beneficial  investment in their operations and bottom line. These customers also would be making an impactful investment in the environment  through reducing their hazardous waste disposal needs and the need for the industrial production, packaging and transportation of new solvents.

Bill sold Solvent Waste Mgt to Mr. Randy Yearout in late 2019. Mr. Yearout brings to the table over 25 years of experience in industrial sales and marketing.  Having over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience Mr. Yearout is committed to continuing the production of the safe, easy to use and reliable Solvent Washer while continually improving the manufacturing process and customer service after the sale.

Mr. Yearout’s vision is the position of Solvent Waste Management as a green alternative for customers with a desire to reduce their impact on the environment and their reliance on fossil fuels.

World Business Review

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SWM Founder Bill Palamountain