Model SW8 Solvent Recovery System

The Solvent Washer Model SW 8 solvent recovery system has numerous design features which make it safe, simple, and cost effective for a variety of users including the following:

Easy To Operate

Simply fill the tank of the solvent recycler and press the “Start” button. The SW 8 solvent distillation machine has several features to simplify operation and minimize operator involvement including:


  • Batch processing of up to 8 gallons
  • Automatic timer shutdown at end of the cycle
  • Distillation tank at convenient work height
  • Tilt-back lid with quick open feature
  • Disposable high temperature bags and stainless steel tank
  • Ability to gravity feed clean solvent into a 5 gallon pail


The SW 8 is a closed-loop system with numerous safety features for a variety of users including:

  • Redundant safety features including automatic heater shutdown for excessive temperature and pressure conditions
  • Stainless steel cabinet and tank
  • Raised control panel with indicator lights.

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