Solvent Recycling FAQs

ssssssssssWill the Solvent Washer distill my solvent?

The Solvent Washer will distill most solvents with a boiling point below 425 degrees F. If you are unsure call us to discuss your application.

What are the power requirements for the Solvent Washer?

The Solvent Washer requires 220-240V single phase power

Where can I buy replacement parts?

Contact us for all replacement parts including liner bags. We stock the most common items.

Do you sell used Solvent Washer machines?

On occasion we may have refurbished solvent distillation units, but it is rare.

How do I know which model Solvent Washer is right for my operation?

Contact us to discuss your operations and we will size the correct solvent cleaner for your needs. We also have a short video that discusses this topic as well.  Click here to view the video from our library.

Can I use the Solvent Washer for multiple solvents?

The Solvent Washer machine is equipped with a temperature controller that allows the user to set the temperature up to 425 degrees F.

How much does the Solvent Washer cost?

It is important to select the right sized solvent recycler for your application. Use our “request a quote” on this site to get in touch with us.  We will need to know the solvent you are trying to recover, and the amount of solvent used in a months’ time.

We can help with your solvent needs