If you own a company that uses solvents in its daily operations, the only logical way to dispose of waste is to recycle them with an on-site solvent recycler. Although on-site solvent recycling equipment has been in use for many years, it is now obvious that it is impossible to ignore all its advantages.

In our “New Normal” economic environment, where nothing is certain, one must put practices in place that promotes overall cost reduction. On-site solvent recyclers excel in this situation. The top advantages of recycling your solvents with an on-site distillation unit are as follows.

  • Less Expensive

Making money is, at the end of the day, the most crucial aspect of running a business. Cutting costs wherever you can be one way to make sure you are maximizing your profits. If you want to streamline and eliminate pointless costs from your business, having on-site solvent recycling equipment offers the ideal solution.

Virgin solvent is expensive, to start with. Why spend money every time you need a new batch of solvent on virgin solvent? It only makes sense to conduct this processing locally because the recycled solvent is comparably or even better priced than virgin solvent while maintaining the same or higher quality. Spending money on virgin solvent represents value being lost by your business for no discernible reason.

You can also eliminate shipping costs with an on-site solvent recycler. When you buy virgin solvent, you not only pay the shipper to deliver it to you; you also pay for the solvent itself. Why even try? In this regard, on-site solvent recycling is much easier. Plus, it can help you save money you would have otherwise spent on transportation.

It will become immediately clear how much money you were spending on goods and services once you make the switch to on-site solvent recycling. Saving this much money will enable you to focus much more time and resources on the issues that are crucial to the success of your company.

  • Produces Higher Quality

The use of recycled materials in everyday household goods is becoming much more prevalent nowadays. Recycling techniques have advanced to the point where there is no discernible difference in quality between a product made from virgin resources and one that has been recycled.

Over the past few years, advances in solvent recycling equipment have allowed businesses to produce recycled solvent that is on par with or better than virgin solvent. As you learned above, on-site solvent recycling is significantly less expensive and the quality of the recycled solvent is the same or better.

There is always the concern that the shipper will taint the product when you are receiving virgin solvent. Throughout their lifetime, cargo tanks work for a variety of purposes, and occasionally, contaminants enter the system unintentionally and may contaminate your virgin solvent. Using an impure solvent like this can lead to the deterioration of your machinery and equipment over time. As a result, you will need more frequent repairs and replacements as well as costly downtime. If you are unsure of how contaminated the solvent is, it is also unlikely that you will be able to offer your customers consistently good service.

On other hand, you always have control over which solvents meet the machinery when recycling your used solvent with on-site solvent recycling equipment.

  • Convenience

Global supply chains have been severely disrupted because of Covid-19. It becomes impossible to count on one’s vendors to deliver on time suddenly. As time goes on, one vendor after another is unable to obtain crucial supplies and services to keep operations running smoothly. Off-site recyclers are also a victim of broken supply chains, which is why recycling times, shipping times, and service costs are rising. However, you can keep all these hassles at bay by keeping the solvent recycling process in-house and on your job site.

  • Lower Liability

If you work with solvents, you are familiar with the phrase “cradle-to-grave liability.” This means that from the moment you have a hazard until finally dispose it off, you are responsible for it. Your business is entirely responsible if anything happens to your solvent waste during this extended period. This is undoubtedly a frightening thought that has kept business executives and managers up at night countless times. The shipping of waste solvent in and out is significantly reduced with on-site solvent recycling equipment.

Waste Minimization

The message is clear in the current economic climate: anything beneficial to the environment also benefits business. Governments all over the world are continuously implementing and raising carbon taxes to lessen our impact on the environment. Environmentally friendly and responsible business practices are financially wise. Acting now to lessen one’s carbon footprint will unquestionably help businesses succeed in the future.

Any business should try to reduce waste as much as possible because they are waste generators. By recycling on-site, you can make sure that you are producing as little hazardous waste as possible.

Besides, on-site recycling lessens the emission of greenhouse gases by minimizing the amount of shipping involved in the recycling process. Companies will have to pay an increasing amount to have their virgin solvent delivered as carbon taxes continue to rise.

To Sum It Up, it is Just Good Business!

As you can see, in the future, environmental impact reduction and successful business practices go hand in hand. Being environmentally conscious and using waste reduction techniques does save money. So, installing in-house solvent recycling equipment is an easy decision because other businesses simply prefer doing business with organizations that engage in these kinds of green initiatives.